by ~minder-folden

Join a tightly aligned digital-first community of techno-optimists that are bounded by real-life commerce, community, and collaboration.

Citizens of Valeria City rely on cryptocurrency, peer to peer networking, and self-owned cypherpunk tools for maintaining meaningful relationships.


Citizen Passport Grants Access to…

Dunbar’s Tavern

Citizens gain access to the finest establishment in any star system.

It’s a place to gather, share stories, connect with opportunities, or discover the newest innovations on the network.

Academy of Applied Mentalism

If you understand the human operating system, then you can hack any interaction that involves another person.

This empowers you to have more effective brands, marketing, sales, negotiations, presentations, and delivery when it comes to enterprise level business.

Offering cohort & course training for citizens.

Planet Power-Ups

Find new ways to increase your power level.

Cutting edge applications are released in secret.

Whispers of them propagate through the network and they start in Valeria City.

Star Emissary

Do you run a star & pilot a planet?

Use your star to vouch for your planet and gain access to an exclusive district reserved for emissaries.

Secret Societies

Hidden deep within are portals to secret communities hidden within secret communities.

Citizens are chosen for membership due to their intellect, disposition, and creativity as shown in the more public districts of the city.

Will it be you?